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My life mission is to create a world where everyone can accept themselves and therefor the others just the way they are

Let’s get to know eachother:

Let’s talk about the “why”:

My lifemission is to create a world where everyone can accept themselves for all that they are.
And therefor can accept the others also the way they are,
acknowledging and even celebrating all their kinks and supposed flaws.

I do this trough talks, workshops and one-on-one sessions focussing on real openness on and in BDSM.

Opening up about emotions in the talks and workshops,

and by welcoming any emotion in during workshops and one-on-one BDSM sessions.

ConsciousKink practitioner in europe giving aftercare in bdsm

How I got started:

I actually come from the deep dark side

Very soon after I found out that my fantasies weren’t abnormal outside of the vanilla world,
a profesional Domme offered me to come and work with her.

And I loved it,
submerging myself in anything BDSM I could find.

Yet, stigma and fear for my personal safety was there too.
My way of survival was one that most of us know;
building an emotional shield.
Using a “persona” to keep the inner core safe.
And this ice-queen in her ivory tower figure worked for me, for many years..

But this hiding was not to last for too long:

The light side came in:

All my life I had been attracted to alternative forms of living,
alternative forms thinking and spirituality.

From 2010 on, I started to attend personal growth groups.

The change towards personal happyness and general joy in my life was so clear,
that I was hooked from the moment I stepped in.
I decided to dive deeper and do the teachers-training.

This helped me to lower one protective shield after another,
because I came to terms with myself.

Yet, I wasn’t sure how (professional) BDSM and this “lightwork” could be joined together.

Kali Dominance dance Femdom moment during a workshop

Getting in contact with conscious kink:

Intuitively I knew the union would be possible.

 I had noticed that people who knew me deeply
could totally accept my both sides even if they couldn’t grasp it..

So I started out searching for people who, like me,
have this very wide spectrum of personality.
And I found them in the Conscious Kink scene.
In 2017 I flew to San Francisco, to attend a course on Therapeutic and Shamanic Kink intensive course at the Sensual Somatic institute .

In 2018 I felt finally ready to step up to be a spaceholder in a intensive weeklong course and I had the pleasure of working with Seani Love in one of his “Deep Dive” held in Spain.

In 2019 the Urban Tantra Practitioners Course by Barbara Carrellas and her team plus all the wonderful profesionals at that course helped me to cristalize my intuitive hunch of how to bring those two worlds together.

This is surely not the end of the journey… it has only just begun, and I am thrilled to be able to invite you in with me!


What People are Saying

“While the BDSM was certainly amazing…”

I found the mindfulness and physical changes from the session truly special. I *actually* started breathing.

Thank you again for all the work you do.
As my wife said: “we must send you there again.” 😉 


“Una sublime experiencia cognitiva”

Ella es la guia excepcional para sumergirse en el bdsmtantrico, que de forma intuitiva va apoderandose de tu cuerpo , guiandote con su mirada penetrante y profunda como el mar .


“Gracias a ti hemos descubierto este maravilloso mundo”

fue uno de los mejores regalos que le pude hacer a mi marido, así como hacernos sentir “cómodos” en nuestra primera sesión de BDSM real


to summarise our session yesterday: WHOW !

You uncovered areas of pleasure and ecstasy where I haven’t been before.

T (Germany)

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