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Upcoming workshops:

SUNDAY the 6th of October
I will facilitate a beginners workshop on Conscious Kink at the Salon Erotica of Barcelona.

Why go to a Conscious Kink workshop?

Or why to go to any workshop, for that matter?


Most of us, modern day people, love to travel.
We love to get out of the daily routine and visit other countries.
See other cultures, meet new people, eat other kinds of food and perhaps get some pampering time in there as well.

Yet the real journey is on the inside.
What we actually really love is to not be confined into that format of life that we know,

investigate how we relate to that different culture,
how those other kind of interactions make us feel.
It excites us to try different tastes, smells, sounds.

In short: the real journey is within yourself, there you notice these differences,

it’s in contrast of what you already know.


So if you really want to get on a journey, make it one that looks into yourself.

Purposely looking into yourself,
using a guide that will take you and the rest of the group by the hand,
using dynamics that are known to be out of the usual life.


The conscious kink workshops do exactly that:


For kinksters (or BDSM players, however you might feel addressed), it’s a way of slowing down the kink and observe every little delightful detail that might have been surpassed because of the speed with which one usually engages.


For “conscious” people (awareness dwellers, (active) meditators, conscious sexuality, tantric people etc), it’s a way of venturing further out into the known landscape, yet at pace where one is encouraged to always feel within theirselves if this is within their limits and honored for whatever boundary might come up.


The “souvenirs” that you will take home will never get dusty.
Most of them come in forms of keys to doors that have been opened up and gave pass to hidden realms within yourself.


And yes, the self care moments are very important on the journey inwards.
Usually the longer workshops, like weekend or weeklong retreats have time for that scheduled,

for the facilitators know how deep dives need still waters to emerge to.


So how about checking in on such an inner journey?


Buckle up, or rather: unfasten your seatbelt and take that leap!

Past workshops

Erostreet festival celebra su IV edición con mucha sensualidad consciente durante los días 25-26 de Mayo.
Se trata de un festival que nace de la intención de defender una sexualidad sana y natural, sin ningún tipo de tabú. Una sexualidad diversa, libre y positiva, donde la libertad de ser, sentir y hacer, sólo se ve limitada por el respeto al otro. Un festival que refleja la realidad de la sociedad actual, donde la diferencia es tan importante y natural como la norma.
Una facilitadora tuve que cancelar su presencia en el último momento y como no puedo resistir a la gente cuando me rogan tirandose en el suelo,
he aceptado la propuesta aunque no sale mi nombre ni link en la programación.

Todo por la buena cause, que realmente es una propuesta alternativa que merece dar el apoyo de todxs que trabajamos con las sexualidades alternativas.

Mi taller será el sábado de 18:40 a 19:40
Mas info sobre el Festival y compra de entradas:


¿Os interesa un taller sobre consentimiento que vaya mucho más allá del “aprender a decir no”?
El 27 de abril Alva Luz y Nique Sereen darán uno muy potente. Será en Moan Club.
De 20.00 a 23.30 (hora final aproximada)

Inscripciones sólo con referencias personales.