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Guided explorations of conscious Kink

Have you been interested in conscious kink,
and you would like to take it from theory into practice?
I understand you would only do one on one sessions with a trusted person,
somebody that is not afraid to take you into deep spaces yet able to do this totally on your pace.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a big thing. I honor you for that.
The practice of conscious kink is a big leap of faith, it's a path of self exploration that might bring unforseen new horizons.
My aim is to accompany you on your path, not as a mentor, but as a facilitator.
Are you:


BDSM folk exploring consciousness

You enjoy BDSM and you wonder how tantric practices might enhance these experiences?

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Are you:


Tantric exploring BDSM

Do you practice active awareness in your life and sense BDSM dynamics might enhance your experiences?

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