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Nique Lucia Sereen

 A caring sadist.


Conscious Kink practicioner:

Exploring new horizons within you

Nique Lucia Sereen is an activist on getting more joy through consciousness in the lives of the people who connect with her.
This website brings her conscious BDSM activities together,

and will give you an opportunity to join her path,
by going to one of her lectures, workshops, coaching or 1 on 1 sessions.

“the journey is within”


Conscious Kink is a term coined by 
Artemisia_deVine :

“Conscious Kink is the art of deeply engaging with our delicious pervy play in a conscious, intelligent, embodied way for pleasure, self discovery and/or personal transformation.

It is the opposite of using kink as a form of escapism or disconnection.
Instead, it delves deep into our authentic eroticism and engages all of us, not just our genitals.
This kind of play often leads to more satisfying erotic experiences, deeper awareness of our selves,
others and All That Is.
Play that comes from a consciously authentic place is the most potent form of kink there is.”

Top Skills

let’s work together:

I offer a wide variety of services around the theme conscious kink.
It’s my pleasure to host group workshops. These range from beginners in BDSM or beginners in the art of Awareness to specific deep dives where both converge.

I also coach people who want feel somehow stuck in their experiences related to BDSM.

I am a presenter on BDSM and Conscious Kink, shining a light on this practice to people and profesionals who want to know more.

Last but not least: I offer private sessions for those who want to be guided hands-on. This can be one on one or for couples or reduced groups.

bdsm tantrico en España. Conscious kink practitioner in Spain


Let’s learn in groups

Conscious Kink workshops are fantastic laboratories to get a better view of your own inner self.


Consulta bdsm coach en Barcelona, España

 BDSM coach

Looking for guidance?

Are you looking for a mentor?
Do you feel stuck with your experiences within BDSM?
Or do you just want a non-judgmental listening ear?


Need a speaker?

Are you organizing an event where there is room for some real openhearted talk about BDSM?

Therapeutic BDSM in Barcelona, Spain

Private sessions

Want to investigate?

Ready to explore yourself in an intimate manner? 
Want to expand the experiences with your partner(s) and you would like some guidance?